In Times of Illness


Product Overview

This revised booklet offers the shared experience of many members who live with illness and maintain their recovery in NA. As our fellowship matures, so does our experience with life issues. Illness and injury are life issues that can invoke fear and uncertainty in addicts. We offer support to members who relapse with medication taken for an illness, and we share the experience of many members who are required to take prescribed medication and keep their recovery intact. Through the process of working the steps, we learn about ourselves. We come to know our own defects of character and recognize the tendency to minimize or overemphasize events in our lives. We can apply this knowledge, along with the solutions we fi nd through the steps, to any situation we face. Based on these principles, this booklet offers practical suggestions for living a life in recovery and living with an illness, injury, or mental health disorder. We encourage members to use the information and ideas offered to better understand and support one another, not to chastise one another.