IP #26 Accessibility for those with Additional Needs


Product Overview

What Additional Needs Is all about Most of us can find a meeting on a meeting schedule, get to it, enter and sit down, and hear the spoken message of recovery without a second thought. However, there are some for whom this is not possible. They need additional help in order to do what most of us take for granted. In other words, they are addicts who, for a number of reasons, have additional needs. The Fifth Tradition states that our primary purpose is to carry the message to the addict who still suffers. However, it is often not enough to share only our recovery. We also need to recognize when our meeting space cannot be easily approached or entered and/or the message our group is carrying cannot be easily obtained. The reason may be a poor choice of location for our meeting. When this happens, we should make every effort to remove the barriers which make finding recovery difficult for some addicts.